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Disney Frozen Valentine Day Sharing Cards with Sugar Plum Scented Tattoos

Exchanging cards on Valentine’s Day is a tradition that is very old. Even children exchange them in classroom across the country. Schools do have rules that you bring them in for everyone or for no one, so children will not feel left out. That is why boxed Valentine’s Day cards for children come with many cards, and usually with a special one for the teacher.

This November, Disney premiered a new animated short, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, with all of the characters from the smash hit Frozen. With Olaf, Anna, Elsa, Sven and Kristoff fresh in the minds of fans, it was time to come out with a brand new version of a Frozen Valentine’s Day card for children to share with their friends.

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This new for 2018 set of Frozen Valentine’s Day cards includes 32 cards and a plum scented tattoo that is attached to a slot in each card. Kids love having an extra goody with a card, so this is the perfect one to hand out this year!