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Disney Descendants 2 DIY Dizzy Costume

While fans were eager to see Mal, Evie, Ben, Carlos, Jay, Jayne and Doug once again on the small screen in the much anticipated sequel to 2015’s Descendants film, there were some new characters introduced in Disney’s new sequel entitled Descendants 2.

One of the breakout characters, whose time on the screen was limited but still made a huge impact on the end of the film, was Dizzy Tremaine. She is the granddaughter of Lady Tremaine, the wicked stepmother in Cinderella. Her mother is one of the evil step-sisters. Unlike her nasty kin, Dizzy is a happy young girl with a bubbly and bright personality-just like the clothing she wears. She does hair at her family slaon, Curl Up & Dye.

More than anything, she wants an opportunity to attend Auradon Prep like the others who had left the Isle of the Lost before her,

Disney Descendants 2 DIY Dizzy costume ideas

While there is no official costume for Dizzy, you can put some of these pieces together to create a look that is all your own.


This colorful dress can be the base of your DIY Dizzy Descendants 2 costume

Dress Available at Kohl’s

This dress is part of the Disney D-signs available at Kohl’s. It is made of cotton, polyester and nylon, and is available in sizes X-Small to Large. This can be a base for your dress. A black or green cotton crew neck shirt can be layered underneath if it is chilly in your area.

This green dress can be the base for your Disney Descendants DIY Dizzy Tremaine costume

Green Dresses like this are available on Amazon

If you are a crafty person, you can splatter paint a dress like this one with all kinds of fabric paint.

Disney Descendants 2 DIY DIzzy costume idea-a long sleeve splatter print dress

Available on Amazon in Sizes 6-12

This splatter print dress is colorful in all the right places.

Dizzy Disney Descendants costume for girls

Tutu Dress Available on Amazon

This tutu dress is another colorful option. Girls can wear a shirt underneath for warmth. It comes ins sizes Small, Medium and Large.


Another option is for you to purchase a plain green shirt and pair it up with a skirt like this one.

Pair this colorful skirt with a green top for your DIY Disney Descendants 2 Dizzy costume

Available at Kohl’s

This skirt has a colorful animal print and a handkerchief hem. It comes in sizes X-Small to Large.

Here is a black tutu that can go under a skirt for your DIY Dizzy Tremaine costume

This black tutu and other petticoats are available on Amazon

The tutu pictured above is perfect for making a skirt flounce. It is available in 38 different colors and color combinations.

Rainbow tutu for girls is a great accessory for your Disney Descendants 2 Dizzy Tremaine costume

Available on Amazon in several different sizes


Here are a few more things you can use to finish off your Dizzy costume.

Apron for Disney Descendants 2 Dizzy Costume

Available on Amazon

This is a child sized apron. You can use fabric paint to create a splattered look.


Dizzy wear floral headbands on her head

Colorful Floral Headband Set from Amazon

Dizzy has a head full of colorful bands that cover her headphones.

These glasses are the perfect accessory for your Disney Descendants 2 Dizzy costume

Glasses from Amazon

These glasses frames are just like the ones Dizzy wears.