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Disney Coco Plush Toys

This holiday movie season, there is a film that is going to capture the hearts and minds of both children and adults. The movie is entitled Coco, and it from the dynamic Disney Pixar team. Miguel is a young boy who has a family who dislikes music-the only family in his town that dislikes it. But Miguel has a secret desire to play, and seizes the opportunity to do so and emulate his favorite singer, Ernesto de la Cruz. After discovering a secret link between the two of them, he finds himself in the Land of the Dead. Here he meets some interesting characters, as well as his deceased ancestors.

There are many plush characters that Disney has released in toy form.

Disney Pixar Coco Dante Alebrije Plush Figure

Dante Alebrije Plush Figure Available at The Disney Store

Disney Pixar Dante Plush Figure - Coco

Dante Plush Figure Available at the Disney Store


Disney Pixar Coco Miguel Plush Figure

Miguel Plush Figure Available at The Disney Store

These are just a few of the Coco toys that are available for children to add to their toy collection. You can find more here.