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Disney Coco Interactive Guitar

Music and children go together. They love to sing and play musical instruments, and music is a wonderful way for young children to learn all kinds of things (ask an adult what they can sing from Schoolhouse Rock!).

In the new Disney Pixar release, Coco, Miguel is a member of the only family in his town that dislikes music. Viewers of the film will learn why this is so, but this does not stop Miguel from wanting to learn to play music. When he comes upon a guitar, he is transported to the Land of the Dead. While he is there, he meets generations of ancestors that he has heard stories about, and he also has to race against time to get back to the world in which he lives.

Kids will be wanting a guitar just like the one MIguel plays in the film.

This Disney Coco Interactive Guitar by Mattel plays music when a child presses a button or strums.

Available at The Disney Store

This toy is recommended for children ages 3 and up. Children hold down the buttons on the neck of the guitar and hear the strums. It also lights up. Sheet music for traditional Mexican folk songs and the soundtrack’s feature song, “Remember Me.”