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8 Hanukkah Themed Gifts for Under $8

It is a tradition for parents to give their children a gift for each night of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights. If you have more than one child, this can really add up! Every family has a different tradition on how they give gifts. Some start small and work their way up to a larger gift, while others do the complete opposite. Other families have a theme night, where each child gets a gift to go along with the night’s theme.

Here are 8 Hanukkah themed gift ideas for kids that cost about $8.00. Fun ideas for families on a budget!

For families who need to give gifts to multiple children and are on a budget, here are 8 Hanukkah themed gifts that you can buy for under $8.00 for those nights you are giving a smaller gift.

Hanukkah Mad Libs

Mad Libs have been around for decades. Now you can give a Hanukkah themed one that you kids can do with each other, with friends and with family at your holiday gathering.

Available at Amazon

Emoji Dreidels

You can play the traditional dreidel game with today’s favorite characters, emojis. This wooden set come with four. Note the Hebrew letters are on the face at the bottom right corner.

Available on Amazon

Hanukkah Glitter Head Bopper

Children who celebrate Christmas get to wear a Santa hat. Jewish children can wear a glittery Hanukkah Head Bopper!


Available at Amazon

Cards Against Humanity Jewish Edition

For teens and older, this set of cards is part of the classic Cards Against Humanity series. It comes with 25 white cards and 5 black cards.

Available on Amazon

Design a Dreidel Kit

If you are having an Arts and Crafts themed night, then giving children their own dreidel to paint is a fun idea. Once it is dry, you can use it to play!


Available on Amazon

Hanukkah Foam Mosaic Kit

Another fun craft kit that will keep your child occupied for hours is this Hanukkah Foam Mosaic Kit. It comes with two different holiday themed designs.

Available on Amazon

Star of David Necklace for Kids

Giving children a piece of jewelry that is meaningful to them is a wonderful gift to give for Hanukkah. This necklace is slightly above the eight dollar price point, but it is still a winning gift item for the season. There are many other styles available.

Available on Amazon

Sunstaches Hanukkah Holiday Menorah Sunglasses

This amusing Hanukkah novelty makes a fun gift to give to kids!

Available on Amazon